Green Dragons

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"Unlike previous battles between railway towns, no one is going to have its hands painfully prised off something it had looked after for more than 150 years."

"Many of the pieces, coincidentally, were sea-themed: flippers, octopuses, life jackets, spear guns, cutlasses, sharks and scuba tanks; thousands of them making their way to the shoreline to be found bobbing in rockpools and strewn across the sand. There were also witches hats, wands, brooms and more."

Lost at Sea ...


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It Ain't Half Hot

"Some parish councils have expressed concern that with fewer properties paying council tax the bills for the remaining residential properties will have to increase more."

"Sir Robert Goodwill, Conservative MP for Scarborough and Whitby, said he would be meeting Defra and the minister responsible next week to discuss the situation.

He said if new evidence came to light "then we should definitely keep an open mind".

"Algal blooms are quite common but usually associated with warmer weather," he said, adding: "I will ask them what is the degree of certainty they have regarding the cause.""

“It’s been a much-loved part of our schedule for more than a decade, and we’d like to thank the cast"

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On Stranger Tides

"GBR is part of government plans to end fragmentation of the rail network and deliver improvements for passengers.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said expressions of interest would have to be submitted by mid-March.

A shortlist of locations and a public vote would follow, with a final decision announced in the summer.

York is home to the National Railway Museum and train operators, LNER, Northern and Grand Central are all based in the city."

"He also said his new boss was "not a complete clown, he's a very likeable character"."

Toes Curling.

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The Green Cross Code

"The wait for Britain’s first gold medal at these Winter Olympics goes on ..."

"Intimidation, harassment and lies have no place in our democracy. And they won’t ever stop me doing my job.”

So, Erm ... why did they 'arrest' Keir Starmer?

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'Scarborough Fair'

"3.7 The Scarborough Fair project seeks to launch a new, year-round programme of cultural regeneration called Scarborough Fair which links a series themed cultural and heritage events bringing in an estimated £5.7 million of benefit to the local area.

3.8 A total of £1.5 million Towns Fund funding has been allocated to support four new, major festivals and associated event infrastructure. This will be matched by £750,000 of SBC revenue funding to provide a programme of events over three years (see Budget paper, agenda item A6). The SBC Tourism Team will lead the project and coordinate three of the annual festivals. A fourth festival will be operated commercially by an external organisation. Discussions have started with a potential commercial operator.

3.9 The Open Air Theatre (OAT) will be developed as a hub for Scarborough Fair which will enable national scale events to be hosted in the town. Other capital investment will enable activity to occur at other town centre locations including the provision of the lighting of important structures, event infrastructure at the harbour and mobile event facilities which can be used in the towns open spaces."


"They also considered future allotment provision, the benefit of growing spaces and community orchards and how the council might manage this type of land in years to come."

Oh Dear ...

Did someone mention Venus? 

Seriously, I do hope Cllr Chance is erm taking a political stance and is of the wholesome kind of good health.

He was still listed on the NYCC Executive so, erm, mebbe its just a 'local' leadership problem of the Blue Variety.

Anyone for a Fox Trot?

Countdown? Moi?

"What was Boris Johnson doing? Reshuffling the deckchairs when he's already hit an iceberg,"

Hocus Pocus.

'Getting to know the geology in your area...'

Sleep Tight.

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'Cans of Soup'

"If recent rallies and demos have taught us anything, it’s that there is, increasingly, plenty of overlap. These days, all sorts of persuasions are fellow travellers."

"Prospective candidates and their agents are invited to a countywide online live event on Thursday, 17 February, from 5pm to 6pm.  The virtual session on Microsoft Teams will cover the role of a councillor and community leader, what being a councillor in the county council from May 2022 and then the new unitary authority from April 2023 onwards will mean as well as the structure of the council and key aspects of the role. There will be an opportunity to ask questions."

“It is only through devolution and the empowerment of local actors - the mayors, the mayoral combined authorities, the local leaders with whom they work, local business people and entrepreneurs who have a feel for their market - that you can make that change.”

"Open-fronted boxes can be anything from 3-7ft off the ground, popping them where there's some shelter."

At the moment it is believed that no properties are at risk...

"Dame Clare Moriarty, chief executive of Citizens Advice, described cost-of-living pressures as being “at boiling point”"


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'Sponge Gardens'

"North Yorkshire towns and villages are particularly well-known for their wholehearted embrace of major cycling events, from the Tour de France Grand Départ to the Tour de Yorkshire and UCI Road World Championships, so large crowds are particularly anticipated for this stage which starts in Redcar."

"I am convinced on that basis that the more co-operation we have with our neighbours down the road, the more this area is going to suffer."He said that while Fylde was "a prosperous borough" Blackpool "looks like Chernobyl no matter how much money you put in there."

"These massive "sponge gardens" are part of a unique ecosystem thriving beneath the ice-covered ocean near the North Pole, said Dr Teresa Morganti from the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen, Germany. "We have found massive sponges - they can reach up to one metre in diameter."

"Organisers have not confirmed specific location details or the race route yet, but have confirmed that the North East and North Yorkshire are ‘host regions’."

"It is a vital part of the UK’s economy, with revenues bigger than that of the pharmaceuticals, automotive and aeronautics industries combined."

"If you can stop these draughts from getting in, it will make a huge difference to the temperature in your home."

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'Robust Procedures'

"“That is a step in the right direction and if it’s good enough for universities, it’s good enough for everybody else including broadcasters who report on these issues and help shape our culture. We need to stop the use of NDAs to cover up discrimination and wrongdoing.”"

Ya, don't spose when they bundled Keir Starmer in the back of that police van he was Neurolised...

Go Pro.

Thou must not Hummm ... ;-0

Oh Dear ...

A Static Event.


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Chalk & Cheese

"The one thing you can't compromise on is food."

"Prof Gaffney, of the University of Bradford, said the discovery demonstrated "the capacity and desire of Neolithic communities to record their cosmological belief systems in ways, and at a scale, that we had never previously anticipated"."

"It has been named Dobby, from the Harry Potter series, because of its large droopy ears."

"Of course, once in space, the mirror had to be opened back out and the 18 segments of the beryllium-gold structure released from the locked positions they'd been put in to keep them safe as the rocket rumbled its way to space."


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An Enabling Approach

"It swings and sways with every step, the dangling planks which support your weight hanging by a thread."

""Now it is a priority to restore a smaller state - both financially and in taking a step back from people's lives.  "It's time to return to a more enabling approach. To trust the people, return power to communities, and free up business to deliver."

Meanwhile, the prime minister said he would be "getting out of London" this week to focus on "the job of uniting and levelling up the country". "

"The Catterick proposal has drawn consternation in some quarters given that there are already established service stations beside the motorway at Leeming Bar and also at Scotch Corner."

Foiled Again...  ;-0

"Super Bowl LVI is schedule to kick off at 11:30 pm GMT and is expected to run until around 3am on Monday morning."


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'Sealed the Deal'

"The coastal villages present a landscape of land and water: farms, ponds and tin-roofed and thatched homes. Living next to the sea can be precarious: cyclonic storms and tidal surges are common. Lightning is more likely to occur over land, but waters off the coast are most often affected."

Keep bumping into things...

Industrial, Moi?

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A Modular Station

"You may well wonder why fusion energy hasn’t yet been cracked. Reproducing conditions similar to those found in stars, where fusion thrives, is a terrifying technological challenge – perhaps humanity’s greatest ever."

"The Modular Station concept scheme was published in 2006, as part of a 25-year plan."

I was just wondering why they cover'ed the ticket station up with plastic cr*p ... and of course the best station ever, is erm ... so many to choose from ...

Ooh Er...


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The Popular Panto

"The plans are to be submitted to the government on 24th February and could secure £35m of town deal funding for the towns."

“The new centre has been designed to provide the 'islands of space and time' which promote wellbeing and positive mental health.

“We look forward to hearing feedback from the community and would encourage as many people as possible to take part in the consultation process.”


Ah, So ....

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The Finer Points

"GBR will be the single, accountable public body responsible for running Britain’s railways."

"A tax inspector looked at Rufforth Park car boot sale's Facebook page and decided it was 'expertly organised and run"

"It also noted the company’s website said the site included 'a 5 star café"

"The company has no obligation to put on the events at all. The provision of a car park, basic refreshment facilities and toilets and some cleaning and advertising activities does not alter the overarching nature of the single supply as a supply of a licence to occupy land."

"The leftover rocket will smash into the far side of the moon at 5,800mph (9,300km/h) on Friday, away from telescopes’ prying eyes. It may take weeks, even months, to confirm the impact through satellite images."

Please give out a warning when mentioning the 'War' on't radio as it is upsetting the litte uns...

Little Ears.

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Welcome to Wednesday

"The fact that for the first time since 1974 North Yorkshire isn’t a one-party state should add leverage to any campaign from the grass roots.

County hall thinks Whitby should continue to sit alongside Scarborough in its new area committee, based on the parliamentary constituency of Sir Robert Goodwill. But Whitby is very different to Scarborough."

Best not mention Dante's Inferno

Absolutely nothing to do with sheep...

"Elsewhere, the assumption is that we live in a picture postcard, and we should be grateful. That’s not enough. We – and the visitors we attract to the coast in ever greater numbers – deserve better."